Helping You Make Cents of Sustainability

"With consumers, governments and corporations having acknowledged and even embraced sustainability as one of the major challenges of our time, the opportunities are endless." -


Sustainability indeed brings opportunities, as well as challenges, to companies trying to understand and adapt to our new, more caring world.

Relation Capital Partners help you and your organization make sense of sustainability from a business perspective. We help you navigate the Corporate Sustainability landscape so that you may seize the opportunities, developing your business approach so that it prioritizes profits - but not at the expense of the environment, and our communities.

We support you in identifying, planning and implementing the most rewarding initiatives. Also, we help you make sure that your stakeholders know and understand that you are changing.

Because in the end, if your organization cares, and is perceived as caring, about people and our planet today, it will surely continue generating a profit tomorrow.

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Sustainability Services

Relation Capital Partners' goal is to help your organization develop and sustain a sustainability effort that is aligned with, and support your overall business concept. Benefits of our services include increased brand reputation, cost savings and competitive advantage.


According to a 2010 UN Global Compact study, 93 percent of CEOs see sustainability as important to their company’s future success - what are you doing to stay competitive?

To learn more about what your peers are doing within sustainability, don't hesitate to contact us.

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